Social Events and Alcohol/Drug Consumption

Socialize Safer.

The Community Safety Office does not sanction the use of illegal drugs. We recognize that any form of impairment, even from the use of legal drugs and alcohol, can increase vulnerability to situations of harm.

Don’t let peer pressure sway you into doing anything you don’t want to do. It’s okay to say no. You don’t have to use alcohol or drugs to have fun.

Be aware that anytime you consume alcohol or use drugs/substances you increase your vulnerability and are at greater risk of harm due to the impairment of your physical and mental reactions.

If you decide to attend a social event, here are some tips to help you plan ahead, whether or not you decide to consume alcohol or use drugs.

  • Be intentional and stay within your limits
    • Decide before you go how much, of anything, you will consume
    • If this is a spontaneous outing, consider abstaining or not consuming more than one alcoholic beverage
    • If you plan to take drugs, make sure you tell someone you trust what you are taking, in case anything goes wrong.
  • Avoid going to parties on your own
    • If you do, let someone know where you are going (name/address) and when you intend to return home
    • Make arrangements for a check in when you are at the event and when you have returned home
  • Buy your own drinks and watch the bartender make it/open it.
    • Do not take your eyes off your drink and don’t let anyone “top it up”.
    • Don’t accept drinks from other people unless you are handed it by the bartender (after watching them make it).
    • Do not leave any drinks (even water) unattended. 
    • If you cannot find anyone you trust to hold your drink for you, consider it abandoned
  • If you do not want to drink anymore, keep a glass of water or non-alcoholic beverage in your hand
  • Do not use drugs/substances that are being handed out or sold – assume that they are contaminated products
  • If you go out with friends, plan ahead
    • Make a plan to stay close to friends you trust and to look out for and check in with one another.
    • If possible, have a designated driver, a designated “drink pourer” and have an agreement to hold each other’s drinks if needed
    • Determine before-hand the time and place you will all meet in preparation to leave the event (set an alarm) and how you will get home
    • Do not leave any members of your party behind unless they have given you consent to do so
      • Confirm their plan to get home on their own
        • If you have concerns about their safety and cannot convince them to leave with you, try to get information as to where they are going or with whom they are staying.
        • Let them know that you are going to check in with them in an hour or two (and check in with them).
  • If at any time, you feel that you are at, or over, your consumption limit, or begin to feel unwell, find a member of your party and ask them for help in getting home.
    • If you have used drugs, or worry that your drink may have been tampered with, and are feeling increasingly or suddenly unwell, call 911 and find a member of your party to wait with you for the ambulance to arrive.
  • If you feel unsafe at a party or venue for any reason, find the members of your party and leave the situation. If you are alone, seek assistance from the bartender.
  • If the situation is escalating or feels urgent call 911.