Intimate Images and Privacy

Snap Safer. The Internet is Forever.

Are you concerned about sharing intimate images?

  • Before you share any images, videos or information  on social media or with another individual, ask yourself whether you would be okay with friends, family members, or complete strangers seeing it.
  • Creating, possessing, and/or sharing nude and/or sexually explicit images of anyone under the age of 18 (even if it’s of yourself) through any means (text, email, social media, etc.) is considered child pornography and it is illegal.   
  • How identifiable are you in the image?
    • Consider cropping out your face or any tattoos
  • Is your location easily identifiable?
    • Perhaps you can crop out part or most of the background.
  • If someone is forcing you or encouraging you to share information or images that you are not comfortable to share:
    • Share nothing or;
    • consider making an appointment with the Community Safety Office (416-978-1485) to discuss the situation.

What should you do if…

Someone is threatening to publish or share intimate images of you to punish you (e.g.: revenge porn, for money or to force you to do something for them(sextortion)?

  • Do not be embarrassed.  Consider making an appointment with the Community Safety Office (416-978-1485) to discuss your options.
  • Consider making a report to Campus Safety (416-978-2323) or to Toronto Police (416-808-2222).
  • Regardless of whether you know the person who is threatening you – take a screenshot of their URL/Name/Email Address/handle. 
  • Save and copy all messages that have been sent to you.  You may need this information when making a report to the police.
  • Do not continue to respond or engage with the other person.
  • Consider changing the password of your social media account and/or temporarily disabling or deactivating your account.

Someone has published or shared your images without your consent (or you think that they have done so)?

  • Take a screenshot or copy and save the post.
    • Make a report to the appropriate social media platform or website.
    • Make a report to Campus Safety 416-978-2323 or Toronto Police 416-808-2222.

Someone has posted concerning content on social media (whether or not it’s related to you)?

Give the Community Safety Office (416-978-1485) a call if you want to talk about what else you can do.