Security in the Workplace

Feel Safer.

Security Awareness in the Workplace

The Community Safety Office is available to consult with you on any situation that is causing you to be concerned for your safety or the safety of someone else.

  • Be aware of the amount of personal information that is available about you on-line.  Google yourself! You might be surprised by what is out there!
  • Ensure that your personal information such as your home address is secure and not accessible online. 
  • If you have a landline, you may want to ask your telephone provider to delist your number.
  • Consider utilizing a program such as Google Alerts to set an alert for your name. It will notify you each time that your name is newly posted online.
  • If you see concerning content about yourself online bring it directly to the attention of the appropriate publishing platform.  If you are not certain whom you should contact search  for contact information.
    • If the content breaches that host’s community safety standards they will remove the content. 
    • If the platform will not remove the content you find concerning, you may need to seek legal advice about your options.

Tips for Addressing Concerning Behaviour in the Classroom or the Workplace:

Concerning behaviour should always be addressed as soon as possible. 

If you are not sure what to do or if you feel unsafe to personally address your concerns, please contact the Community Safety Office (416-978-1485) to review the situation and to discuss your options.

  • If you have concerns regarding a student’s in person or online interactions with you, your Department Chair may be able to provide you with appropriate resources.
  • If your concerns relate to another employee in the workplace, your Department Chair, your manager, or your HR Advisor may be able to provide you with advice
  • If you are facing difficult relationships or concerning behaviours in your personal life that may be putting you at risk of harm, please contact the Community Safety Office (416-978-1485).

Social Media Resources and Supports for Faculty Members and Librarians

  • View this document for more information concerning resources, tips and supports for faculty and librarians on using social media