Social Media and E-Safety

As technology has evolved we now have online lives that can be accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.  Here are a few ways you can strengthen the security of the private information that you send into the virtual world. 

General Digital Safety Tips

  • Treat your electronic devices like you do your passport (or better). Do not leave them unattended and password protect them!
  • Microsoft will never call you about a virus they have detected on your computer. 
  • Use an anti-virus program on your computer, laptop, phone, tablet and gaming device and scan your devices regularly.
  • Change your passwords often – including on your smart home devices. There are password manager applications that might be useful in helping you to create more secure passwords.
  • Scan for spyware if you have any concerns that your device is compromised.  Some possibilities are:, and For more information on this see our Cyber-stalking safety tips.
  • Turn off your geo-locator when you are not using it.